Elf Mystic Card Does Not Work

Elf Mystic Card - Increases the amount of Power received from battles by 50.

Cool! I go to low level, fight some enemies, receive 48 power total from the battle, at nearly 200% power balance.

Obviously this isn’t working.

I think you’re probably being penalized for being at such a low realm level.

Wouldn’t the lowest amount be 50 power at really low levels with this card then?

No, because the +50 (and other bonuses from other effects) are penalized as well.

Ah, thanks for the explanation.

This was an artifact realm, but that makes sense.

Is there anywhere that mechanics like this are documented Zack? I’m sometimes not sure if something is a bug or not due to lack of clarity.

Damage formulas and turn resolution would be amazing to read up on.