Elf where to finf

I saw in one realm where you could purchase an elf… but i can seem to find the realm

Bloodgrove is the realm you looking for.
Most information of this kind you can get from the siralim ultimate compendium

Also, yet again, the discord can get you a far quicker answer for these matters, if you cant access spreadsheet from this link, you should from the one in the discord

Efts are the creatures sold by Apocranox in Blood Grove. If op is looking for elves, they need to go to Arachnid’s Nest and purchase them from Regalis, with the exception of two that are guild creatures.

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Elf not Efts :slight_smile: Elfs with pointy earsm

Yes, you’ll want to go to Arachnid Nest. If you’ve seen a creature at least once the in-game bestiary also tells you where the majority of them are obtained from.

Thanks for the correction, that was a major mistake on my side.
Anyway, i still hold that the best and easiest source for that information is the compendium

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