Elize Task suggestions(unofficial)

There are only 9 tasks available to complete. Which leads to a lot of repetition of tasks.

Some possible tasks I could think of
Increase nether realm depth to X (encourages realm progression)

extract from a specific race of creature (encourages extracting, and not relying too heavily on auto-win teams I suppose)

Fight a nemesis “race”.

Obtain X amount of “material”.

Win “dwarf minigame” X times.

Perform a ritual.

Answer X number of riddles correctly.

Breed a creature with X gene strength.

Use X pandemonium tokens on realm level Y.

Beat Pandemonium King on realm level X.

Beat a mirrorball on realm level X.

craft X “class” creature charms

Defeat a golem (Extra rewards if the golem killed is a treasure golem!)

Adventure through X Realms under the benefits of “food” (Artifact Realm tasks might be less painful if you also have this one)