Elize's tasks difficulty range too great?

So I’ve just unlocked elize, and I’ve been able to easily do all but one task: defeat a level 10 primal ashes sit-up! The other tasks were waaaaay easier, win 5 arena matches, complete a quest in nether realm floor 1, open 5 chests in nether realm 1, and defeat a nemesis boss. My mate level is only 300, and the primal asura level is 6450 with 6200 gene strength. WTF is up with that, how can I defeat them at this level and why is the difficulty between this and the other tasks so huge!?

The enemies you fight in sigils scale based on your creatures level and gene strength so that big gap between your level and the enemies won’t ever go away. If you don’t have a team that can take down creatures that powerful a way you can make it easier is to make a team of level 20 creatures with 0 gene strength. That way even though the enemies are higher level things like your artifacts will have a bigger impact and make it easier.