Elzier and Gate of the Gods not showing up for construction/overview map

I’m pretty sure they should have shown up by now at mage lv 15000.
Maybe I am missing something though.

Come back after you gain more levels.

Found a bug with the fortune upgrade not appearing, but the Gate of the Gods requires that you’ve been to at least nether realm depth 100. I’d assume you’ve been that far, but can you confirm that for me please?

hypersensitivity realm death 1321.
I can attach a screenshot if needed.

Advancing to 1322 didn’t make the construction ritual available.

Although it could be because I passed nether realm 100 before the expansion was released. So the game possibly assumes that I already have the construction ritual unlocked.

Screenshot of realm depth.

Found a few bugs related to this, uploading a fix now! Thanks!

Fix is up now!

Must have a pretty fast upload speed.
The constructions are complete.