Emblems Suggestion

Two suggestions here:

  1. Emblems can be used as a consumable for +250 rep with that particular god
  2. Ultimate Emblem item created. This item would grant you 1/5/10 of a god’s emblem when used, depending on which realm you used it in. Similar in nature to Bottled Fairies.

i think 2) will defeat the purpose of separating emblems by a huge margin. unless its some super rare random loot.

  1. is ok though i dont see ever why anyone would want to use it. late game its pointless, early game its harmful for your later game? tbh early game spending emblems like that will give new player lots of regrets later. idk

Yep you can grind emblems rather fast by spamming low level maps + map of farsight. Still to get 100 for example you ll need 1.5-3 hours at least i think. of non-stop grind. So again spending emblems on rep. why? you can spend 1k resource at altar. why spend an emblem? spam em? so you can quickly spend 20+? idk it makes sense only if you have nothing more to buy from that entity. And we even dont know if gate of gods will cost emblems (please no) but im afraid it might.