Emerald Carbuncle's trait is vastly overperforming

Using a single spell on the first turn (Death Blossom) on Emerald Carbuncles consistently returns multiple spells in a row; I’ve seen 10-20 in a single turn. To clarify, I have no autocast spells on my team whatsoever.

By description, they should have a 2% chance on damage to cast a spell at this point of the battle, and then 2% increments every time they return a spell. But even a single Emerald Carbuncle will almost always cast up to 3 spells on a single hit of Death Blossom, which shouldn’t be happening. Either the value of the Paramount trait is different than described, or something is counting as multiple spells. (Death Blossom or traits)

Further details:
Class: Druid
Perks: Ancestry, Companion (1)
Team Traits:
1: Hostile Vitality, Rapid Regeneration
2: Essential Dignity, Nature’s Blessing
3: Bombardment, Dissection
4: Forbearance, Weird Dance, Patience
5: Nature of the Beast, Book of the Warlock