Endgame Looting for Fun and Profit

I posted this guide over on the Steam forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/362090/discussions/0/620712364028450491/

Now, most people here are far more experienced than the Steam crowd, so if any of you have things to add, let me know and I’ll edit them in (and credit you, because I’m not an ass). Looking at you, hoary veterans of an earlier version.

First of all, excellent guide! Thanks a lot for putting that together. (Also, you should consider putting it in the “Guides” section on steam so that it remains easy to find even when it falls off the front page.)

Second, reading your guide makes we wonder if perhaps the Loot increase (e.g., Loot Hoarding) talents are too good. In particular, spending these points seems to have virtually zero cost because they cause you to find more Royalty potions – which means they essentially pay for themselves. I like the idea of being able to spend Royalty Points to get more pills, or more imbued orbs, or more high-end crafting materials … but spending Royalty Points to get more Royalty Points (plus some other benefits!) seems like a non-choice.

I would love it if there was some conceivable reason not to invest points as you suggest in your guide, but I can’t come up with any such reason, which seems bad.

I don’t see it as bad. In the end, you don’t have to go with his build if you don’t want to. Perhaps my game is weirdly bugged, but there are times when I swear that loot perk actually gives me less than I should normally get. I have one play through with it rather high and another without spending on it and I don’t always see a clear difference. So I’d say it’s still viable to play it how you wish.

I don’t believe they’re problematic because putting points in Loot perks means you’re not fundamentally increasing your ability to win battles. It’s a long-term investment, and as such, it should have larger dividends.

The Guide formatting in Steam scares me and I’ll be poking it with a stick for a few weeks yet until I figure out how to not embarass myself with it.

Just to be clear, when I play I grab all of the loot enhancing royalty talents that Vagrant recommends in his guide. Personally, I quite enjoy the playstyle of investing early for better drops over time.

The issue I have is specifically with the Royalty Potion drops. The frequency of Royalty Potion drops feels quite high to me (at least with high Power Balance and things like Loot Hoarding). This makes the cost of the “invest early for payoff later” strategy feel – at least to me – quite minimal, because it doesn’t feel like it takes all that long to get enough Royalty potions to recoup my investment.

I personally like the “invest early for payoff later” strategy and I want it to be viable. However, ideally there should be other viable strategies as well. (I am not saying that every possible way to spend Royalty points should be good, but there ideally there should be trade-offs between competing strategies.)

If Royalty Potions were less common (for players with the royalty point talents in question) then competing strategies such as “strengthen your creatures to go deeper, sooner” would be more attractive in comparison.