Enemies killed quest complete but won't disappear

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    Fuzzy on the details on what happened before I figured out what was going on, but here is what possibly happened.

Things that happened in Azure Realm
Nature born killer quest active + one other quest

  1. Fought an enemy 2-3 tiles before (3/4 enemies)
  2. a… Fought a globe mirror for an exalted emblem
    b. Does this count as defeating an enemy?
  3. Have the exalted emblem be rewarded
  4. Right after the reward screen, Two quests complete and give their rewards including the killer quest.
  5. Text did not disappear, but shows enemies killed (4/4)
  6. Listed as a current quest under “Quests” menu
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I don’t know if closing dialog boxes too fast had any impact on it.

Had this happen as well, awhile ago. It was when two quests completed at the same time.