Enemy cast Dust Cloak stalls battle for 30-60 seconds

OS: Arch linux
Version: 1.0.8

When the enemy casted Dust Cloak the battle stalled on each Invis for a couple seconds (battle log says every enemy has cast too many times)

Battle history attached in screenshots

Screenshot from 2018-10-24 23-52-13.png

Screenshot from 2018-10-24 23-52-19.jpg

Screenshot from 2018-10-24 23-52-21.png

Screenshot from 2018-10-24 23-51-24.png

Not just when the enemies cast… problem exists when the player casts too.

I’ve never been able to reproduce this. I’ve tried everything, including using other peoples’ save files who say it happens to them. Not sure what might be triggering the problem at this point.