Enemy Dust Cloak sends one of my monsters to the bottom of the queue.

Siralim v0.6.2. Presumably the caster’s turn doesn’t end when the spell is cast and they’re moved to the bottom of the queue. Instead, the next creature that’s not on the caster’s team ends up at the top of the queue, then the caster’s turn ends, which the game interprets as being the aformentioned next creature, which is also moved to the bottom of the queue as if its own turn had ended (à la wormhole).

On the subject of wormhole, the caster’s team’s turn order ends up the same as party order. Maybe basing it on speed (like the change to the green orb) would be better?

There’s a similar issue with the forsaken spinewhipper’s “contradiction” trait. When one of my monsters and one of my enemies both had the trait, my monster ended up going last, even though they had a higher speed than the enemy spinewhipper.