Enemy has the same debuff twice


0.16.2 and Win x 64.


That Abomination has applied Weak debuff twice.

What did I do?
I only cast Rapture once (it was dual cast due to Limitless) - nothing more, also in the battle history only one Weak debuff was applied to the Abomination.

Thank you in advance again.

If you fight a team with a lurid masochist multiple instances of the same debuffs can be applied to a creature from it’s shrug off trait. It’s trait says “Each time a trait or spell checks to see if your creatures have a certain debuff, there is a 35% chance that debuff will be ignored”
I’ve had the same thing happen to me quite a few times while fighting and i found that it only occured while i was fighting a team with a lurid masochist :slight_smile:

Okay thank you.
It was a Itherian Realm battle with 2 extra traits so it may be possible.

Ignore it at the best - did not harm anyways