Enemy level incorrect after dying

I died in Realm 3 and then when I immediately portaled to a new Realm 1, the enemies were still from Realm 3. I’m sure about that, because one of them had a silence-inflicting artifact. (This is a one monster playthrough at the moment, in case that’s relevant. Character level 13, so the enemies were one monster too.)

Mac version 2.0.9.

I’m going to say that’s just luck of the draw.

But realm 1 creatures aren’t supposed to have artifacts at all, I thought?

Edit: I may have misinterpreted. Are you saying “You were probably just imagining that they were the wrong level” or “I’m not very concerned that they were the wrong level”? I was responding to the first interpretation.

Sorry, I meant to say that it is likely just luck that the enemy had the same debuff-inducing artifact. If they were spawning with an artifact on level 1, though, that is a bug that I will look into :slight_smile:

Yeah, it wasn’t the exact same enemy or anything. It’s just that the enemies seem to be generated as if I was still on Realm 3.