enemy nether creatures too strong

bug or intented? v1.0.12 test2

I am playing at level 40 currently and have one nether creature.
The center creature of the enemy party is always a nether creature.

Notably it usually does 3800 damage when my normal monsters have 1200 health and my nether one has 2700
Also it always plays first and from bleed damage it seems to have 4k speed which my monsters are not even close.
A moss golem I identified had 5800 health, again compare with mine
Most battles 2 - 4 of my monsters do 1 damage to it and thankfully bleed does as much damage as my nether creature to it so after some rounds I manage to kill it.

The only reason the game is playable is that even though it attacks first it decides to do some silly spell so it doesnt instakill one of my monsters and that I happened to have a gunslinger which helps a lot with the new passive.

My normal monsters can kill the enemy normal monsters quite on par on 40, and previously i was playing on 53
So it seems that having a nether creature is a handicap as you will be forced fighting easy monsters that die on one hit because the enemy nether is so much stronger relatively.

I think that maybe defense, speed and damage should be toned down a bit.
Maybe the calculations should take in mind how many gems I could use when I made my nether and how many activations I had. Probably if i ever managed to gather the gems I can use to create a nether now it would be so strong as to withstand and easily kill them.

I think that balancing around nethers (your own or enemy) is going to be quite hard

You said you’re playing at level 40 - do you mean that you’re on realm level 40? If so, note that enemies scale at a much higher rate than before, so realm level 40 is going to pit you against a Nether creature that is of a much higher level than your creatures - probably around 100 levels higher.

Two enemy nethers that I happened to identify were levels 111 and 105 which is quite lower than my creatures and on par with my nether.

I think the first identify I did was on realm level 53.
That is on par with my nether which is now 114 and quite below my normal creatures which are now 194 (148 for some new ones I had picked a few days ago)

I’m thinking about removing the chance for enemies to spawn as a Nether creature, and simply keep the increased scaling difficulty for normal creatures. That way, you can continue to challenge yourself by going to super deep realm levels, but nothing will get out of hand by worrying about balancing enemy Nether Creatures so much.

I feel like the way it is now, it almost punishes you for creating a Nether Creature. That shouldn’t ever happen.

My thoughts are that nether creatures have a huge gap in power to normals and thus it is quite hard to balance it out.

A thought I had was if instead of replacing your monsters you did a ritual on them.
Gather some stuff and perform sort of an activation on one of your creatures maybe, each new activation on the same creature costs increased amounts of resources so it is constrained and you do not have to throw out your normal creatures
Also now you have your first nethers creatures be underpowered because now you can create a new one with an egg that has +5 activations and you can put +5 gems for each color.
Also the gap will not that huge with each such upgrade you make.

Probably move this to the suggestions board.

– Just saw your update
Well what you suggest sounds good, but if you feel like it you could release and see what people think.

I think that with the previous system you could have more consistent expectations of what you would encounter on a realm level and thus feel happy about having spent all this time to create this very strong monster.

Another idea could be testing it out slowly, add a chance for a pack with a stronger monsters to appear, sort of an elite enemy, maybe give it lower speed of 1 move per two turns so that if people hate it they can evade it, and see the feedback. But it all depends on your player base and how good they communicate with you I suppose. I haven’t seen much activity lately.


The bulk of the feedback I’m receiving has actually been coming from a different forum: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=235662

The patch after this one will include some changes to how Nethers are created. Instead of having a maximum number of gems to use that increases based on your level, the maximum will instead be dictated by the Nether Orb. Each activation increases the maximum number of gems you can use by 3. Since orbs can roll between 5 and 10 activations, that means every Nether Creature will always have between 15 and 30 gems. This ensures that they’re still extremely customizable but can never get too overpowered. You will also be able to hand-pick which gems you want to use rather than having the Nether Creator do it for you. These changes didn’t make it into 1.0.12 in time, but it’s something to think about for 1.0.13.

Ah, thanks for the update, I will keep an eye out on that forum.

What you suggest sounds good, it doesn’t scale to infinity like the current one or what I said earlier do but it is probably the fastest and least obtrusive change so it sounds good.

It will also resolve the issue of nethers becoming underpowered.

I will make sure to finally finish my mortarman before 1.0.13 then since im still upgrading the 4 x 15 gems i plan to use.