Enemy not getting debuffed.

  1. PC
  2. 0.19.0
  3. While exploring an Itherian realm i noticed the enemies were unable to receive debuffs even though that was not one of the traits on the Sigil.

Sigil: I believe it was Glass Sigil of the Sea.
Sigil Traits: 80% more intelligence, 100% critical chance, No Nether Creatures Allowed, High Card Drop Rate, Can’t Resurrect.

Ottum:Elimination Process/Whiplash
Summer Aspect:Call of the Solstice/Rally
Mutated Vampire Bat:Vampiric Aura/Might Aura
Unicorn Vivifier:Reinvigoration/Mungus Harbinger
Emerald Paragon:Emerald Attunement/Carnal Genesis
Spitting Pit Worm:Spew Acid/Vehemence

I kept a backup of the save file before i entered that sigil so if more information is required i can get it.

Found another realm with enemies not getting debuffed.

Now on version 1.19.1

Sigil Traits: Deal 140% More Damage, 80% More Intelligence, No Nether Creatures Allowed, 80% More Attack, High Card Drop Rate.

Found another

Version 0.19.1

Sigil Traits: Enemies Belong To Same Race, 170% More Health, 20% Chance To Resurrect, No Nether Creatures Allowed, Contains Extra Nemesis Creatures

only similarity is No Nether Creatures Allowed?

Does anything display in the battle history when this happens to indicate what might be blocking the debuffs?

Nothing appears that seems different that i can tell.

Found the problem, thanks for the information!