Enemy spawned inside wall and won't move

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    I first saw the bug when 1.0.0 was released. The enemy is stuck about 2-3 tiles past the wall and won’t move a tile.
    The bug seemst to happen about every 30-50 realms.

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I think this is probably a display bug rather than an actual enemy pack spawning there. For example, this used to happen with sigils: all the enemies in a sigil would appear on random areas of the map even after they’d been defeated. I’m not quite sure what item or object is causing this one to happen but I’ll keep an eye out for it! Thanks for the information!

I am using the strife punishment and this seems to happen after I fight a lot of enemies (at least 15) in one realm.
Although the amount of enemies may not make a difference.

I just noticed this problem for the first time, and I am also having a weird lag type thing happening in the realm. I move at the faster speed (the blood altar thing) and I am moving about the same, but it seems a bit jumpy. Maybe skipping frames? I am not sure if the two problems are related for sure, but as I said this is the first I have seen either issue and it is happening at the same time.

I do not have the Strife punishment, and this started happening when I had at least 2 packs of enemies left on the map.

I had the lag issue as well, that was why I killed and reloaded the game. I thought it was just due to my system having only 2gb of ram and a weak CPU and GPU.

I have something like 12GB of RAM, and my computer is not doing much at the moment other than a browser and siralim 2. I don’t think it’s a problem with your computer =)

Note: I just updated to 1.0.1, and I have never had this problem before.

Spent some time optimizing the game this morning and I’m noticing far fewer “spikes” than before - if any at all. These spikes mainly come from having a lot of achievements unlocked, so I optimized these as much as possible for the next patch.