Enemy spell and artifact scaling.

Am I driving you crazy yet, Zack? Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, as I’ve recently unlocked the blacksmith and enchanter, the enemies are now starting to cast spells (a lot) and are hitting harder, which I’m guessing is the result of their artifacts. Realm levels 1 and 2 still provide a decent challenge, and I’m around level 25.

Some questions on this:

  1. What does enemy spell power scale to?

  2. What does enemy MP scale to?

  3. Is there a type of defense that negates spell damage from enemies?

  4. What does enemy artifact strength scale to?

The reason I ask is because I’ve been farming realm levels 1-2 for some time, and while I feel like I’m starting to gain more ground on the enemies, the introduction of spells and artifacts has hindered the effort. I can do realm levels 1-2 without too much risk, but 3 and up are pretty hairy. If this is par for the course, then no worries, just excited to climb the ladder a bit.

Thanks again!

  1. It scales based on your character level and the realm level.

  2. Enemies technically have infinite MP, but they can only spawn with a maximum of 6 spells anyway.

  3. Nope, but there are perks, artifact properties, buffs, and abilities for that.

  4. Your character level.

What’s your creature team look like at the moment? You might be missing a dedicated tank or healer which is necessary for most team compositions.

Interesting… so if I continue to dawdle along in experimentation mode, it’s possible that realm level 1 will outpower me. I’d better be careful with that!

Going off of memory here, but I’ve got:

  1. The angel I start with as a life mage, inflicts burn.
  2. A minotaur warrior for offense, gains 20% atk each time it’s attacked.
  3. An oracle that provides a 25% hp barrier at the start of battle, to compliment the minotaur warrior, since his attack stacks even when his barrier isn’t broken.
  4. A twisted devil that gets his luck added to his attack.
  5. An iron golem to get me out of trouble if the fights last too long (+25% attack each round it attacks)
  6. A lich priest for no other good reason than I didn’t have any death types on my team yet.

Man, just got wrecked on realm level 1. There’s got to be something I’m doing wrong.

I think my main problem is that I run out of spell charges real fast, where the enemies get 6 casts every battle, basically for free. I’ll get poisoned, infected (which seems to be insta-death), blinded, bleeding, etc. If I could just get ahead of the scaling curve, I’d be a little less pessimistic. People like me need a realm level 0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: And those springtime aspects… man… words cannot describe my frustration. I’m forced to attack them while they dodge endlessly and the enemy group picks me apart. Any advice on how to deal with those ones? I used to cast magic on them, but I’m fresh out of scrolls.

A lot of changes were made to fix this problem (especially the one-hit kill from infection) but you won’t see those changes until you download the “official” version of 2.0. Unfortunately, it’s not up on Humble Bundle yet but hopefully they’ll approve the update tomorrow.

Interesting, that gives me hope.

This patch note in particular:

  • Enemies now have far fewer spells.

I’m hoping that’s a delta between 2.0 beta and 2.0.1. Been making me nuts!