Enemy Spell Suggestions


  1. The caster of a spell should be indicated by some animation.
    EDIT: I’ve noticed that the player’s monsters DO wobble to the left and right when they cast spells, but I am not seeing enemy monsters doing that, is this actually just a bug?

  2. Early realm enemies shouldn’t be able to get spells outside the player’s inscription pool.

  3. Should be some way to see how many charges remain on an enemy’s spell gem.

The Long-Winded version:

So I started the game from scratch again, just for funsies. Was strolling through realms fine until like realm 7 and then suddenly got annihilated a few times by situational spell casting once enemies start getting their random gems. Maybe it’s me, but I feel like enemy spells could use a few tweaks just to help out new players that might experience the same thing I did.

  1. When a creature attacks, it has an animation that makes it easy to see who is attacking, for some reason casting a spell does not have an animation. this can make it very confusing, especially when there are multiples of the same monster in the battle. Would be great if the caster had an animation when they cast a spell, even if it’s just the same as the attacking animation.

  2. An enemy popping a high powered (and therefore low charge count) spell on realm 7 because they were lucky enough to spawn with it seems a little unfair to new players. What’s more, there’s no way to view a spell’s description in battle. So although you can inspect the monsters and look at their spell gems, if it’s some spell you have never seen before you have no way of knowing what it actually does or how strong it’s supposed to be (especially since you can’t see the charge count… see point 3). I think it would be reasonable for at least the early realms if monsters could only get spells that the player has inscriptions for.

  3. Sometimes a monster will have a res spell or some shell granting spell or something that just prolongs a fight. Seems like when this is the case, they’ll just cast it over and over and over, prolonging the fight as much as they possibly can. Would be really nice to be able to inspect them and see how many charges they have left, just so as a new player I’m not left wondering if they can just cast their spell gems forever, cause sometimes it sure seems like that’s the case. To be honest, it would also be nice if monsters automatically had less charges, since the player has to go through a lot of battles where enemies just do one… but I’m guessing that’s too much to ask for something that most of the time would have no impact on the battle anyways.

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