Enemy spellcasting


I am currently level 50 and playing mostly on level 1 maps.

The enemies quite often cast very powerful spells.
For quite some time now it is the case that they cast spells that I have never found myself and they do so with great ease.

For example (i dont remember exactly the names) ice storm (sends everyone to the end of the queue) major resurrection, mass confusion, Armageddon etc.

I suggest the following:

  1. Give enemies a mage.
  2. Display his mana and power balance.
  3. Spellcasting actually uses his mana and power balance so while playing you have some indication of what you can expect and the enemy is actually limited
  4. Give enemy mages a classification, e.g. chaos etc. Mages of that classification can use higher versions of spells
    For example all mages might use stun but only one type is using planets
    This way you can further know what to expect and plan a strategy

Further suggestions outside of this scope
5. Associate mages with parties composed mainly of creatures that belong in their school of magic
6. Associate mages with the various map types (e.g. one prevalent per map type, and one map type that is totally random?)
This way you can start having broader strategies of which monsters to bring in which maps
For example monsters that do 100% more damage against nature targets. This way they gain usefullness over generic abilities


Thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely see how the enemy’s spells will get out of control sometimes. I’ll look into balancing this a bit more and consider your suggestions.

I’m all for this, as well. Whomever that mage is that works behind the scenes for so many enemy parties, he or she has some incredible group-affecting spells, both positive and negative. Wish I could get them interested in another game, maybe Reus, so they could be distracted from fighting. :wink: