Enemy Traits doing too much/odd damage

v 0.5.6
Mana Bomb trait seems to be doing odd amounts of damage and ignoring Damage Reduction Perk.
If Mana Bomb relies on defense, my creatures with higher defense were taking more damage than creatures with lower defense.

Compare: Caritas Sanctus vs Succubus Spirit
And weirdly, my Water Priest took 0 damage. Why? No idea, it didn’t have Shell or any traits to prevent such damage.

Enemy Resin
Expected: 8997. Attack * 0.75 (trait) * 1.67 (artifact)
Actual Damage: 12597

Keep in mind, I didn’t include the Damage Reduction Perk, either. Expected damage should be less due to the Perk, but it doesn’t seem to be functioning.
Damage Reduction Perk is at 35%, so the expected damage would be 5848.