Enneatag: Random creature personality tags

I enjoy Siralim because of the possibilities, there are quite many.
I have an idea that fits the occult theme and adds to the many layers already existing!

Each creature gets a random value upon birth which determines its’ personality taken straight from the Enneagram of personalities. This way every creature is different, even 10 creatures of the same kind differ this way!

Certain personalities works well against other personalities, others may be less effective. Maybe some are beneficial for healing properties? There are many possibilities, but balancing could be difficult. Hear me out:

9 Main Types: every creature has one of these

Reformer: Bonus% to physical Damage done
Helper: Bonus% to healing to others
Achiever: Bonus% to experience rate
Individualist: Bonus% to healing recieved
Investigator: Bonus% to spell damage
Loyalist: Bonus% to defence
Enthusiast: Bonus% to quantity of items recieved
Challenger: Bonus% to speed
Peacemaker: Bonus% to spelldefence

Aside from the main type every creature gets a secondary type, which
consists of a lesser variant of one of the main types. (So that’s 81 distinct personalities!)

Example: Helper-Achiever type: 20% better healing, 10% experience boost.
Achiever-Helper type: 20% experience boost, 10% better healing

Rare types are pure types, creatures that have their main and secondary types match:
Example: Helper-Helper type: 50% better healing.

I have a way more fleshed out system in mind for this but I would like to see what you think of this first.

Sounds rather nice, actually. How about some personal penalties as well, though ?
More ways to balance == betters.

I’ll introduce the next layer of this idea later today, which will consider negative traits like you suggested. I’ll also go more in depth how this could make creatures potentially more interesting and maybe have a little lore as well. All of that after work!

Sneak peak: one of my other ideas was that all of these traits grow stronger the longer you play with the creature in question. So if a “helper-helper” creature has a maximum beneficial healing bonus pool of +=50% it will have this maximum potential after 100 battles or so. Starting of with a bonus of 0.5% (0.5*100=50%), breeding will pass on a part of the bonus and allows the effect to accumulate to the next generation.

5 generations further (and with that at least 500 battles as well) you could have a potential boost to healing properties of 250% under ideal circumstances (which would be 5 generations of helper-helper creatures, the chance of that ever happening would be 1in81^5= 1 in 3.486.784.401) (better explanation later!)

Opponent creatures are able to have these traits as well lf course.

More detailed, expanded and simplified explanation with better formatting later! (On phone right now)