Equality able to raise stats indefinitely (I have hybridization - poss cause?)

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    The equality spell continues to increase my stats to very high levels when cast repeatedly - combined with multicast makes it very unbalanced. My guess is it is somehow factoring in my other bonuses incorrectly as it seems to be increasing by a certain percentage each time (I have hybridization perk).

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    Windows 10

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This is working correctly (in your case it’s probably Hybridization causing this to happen, but other traits and effects can affect it too), but it’s not necessarily balanced.

Just as balanced as buffing a casting stat, to be honest.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yeah then I do feel its a bit unbalanced then - combined with multicast I can get a relatively weak character (with a single high stat) to and nearly invincible one at the start of battle. Because the effect of increase seems to be compounded I can get a character from around 1300 in one stat to something like nearly 3000 in all stats in a single cast.

I had thought based on the description that it would basically boost your “end result” stats (after bonuses) all to the same level - but then further casting wouldn’t have done anything further.