Equality not working as intended with stat stacking traits

I don’t think equality works as intended in combat. If you have traits that buff stats, like the 30% bonus to def and 25% bonus to int (evocation). I haven’t done testing in this patch but in 0.6.x it worked this way and it was made super obvious with braze.

I would braze that trait so all 6 of my creatures would have that bonus stats trait. Then we go into combat and the first creature casts equality on a random creature. It raises all the stats to the same as the highest stat which is the one i’m stacking.

For the bases of this I’m going to make up numbers. We cast equality on my djin pyro, it sets all the stats equal to its int since I was doing int stacking. If I cast a random spell the djin pyro would deal 10k damage to all enemies from his trait that does 10% of int to all enemies on spell cast. If I cast equality it would deal 100k+ to all creatures which makes no sense since it’s int should stay the same.

If we cast equality on it again as our 2nd action, no buffing, no changing stats in any way. It would now deal 1million+ damage. What looks like is going on is that equality sets the stats equal to its highest stat and then the traits all do their thing again. So I have tons of traits increasing int which increases it somewhere between 500% and 1000%. So if I cast equality and we make all my stats equal to 10k, and I have 100% bonus int through traits, it’s new int after casting equality is 20k. If I cast equality a 2nd time it will set all stats equal to 20k and then the traits will boost the int to 40k.

I don’t think this is intended and was getting extremely out of hand before with braze. It’s not near as bad now as braze was changed making that stat stack much worse/harder.

That is technically how it’s meant to work since that’s how traits apply stats. The question is: is it overpowered?

It was completely OP with braze, I haven’t had time to play around with it since that was changed. It might be ok, I’ll let you know after I get some time to try and “break it”.