Equality spell and stat recalculations game breaking?

When the equality spell is cast on my nether its set to all equal. That is fine except that when it casts again the stats are set higher and higher the more I cast on it.
Stat affecting abilities: incandescence, 20% spell damage from defense, fool’s axion, Envy, 7% more defense for each death spell gem, nether aura 300% defense,

Insane set stats in attachment.

Actually, there might be a bug here. I’ll take a look!

Another bug. My creatures are only dealing 1-2 damage to the enemy when my creatures have 4 lines of stat gains from equality.

There are 17 non-zero digits off to the left of the screen for the first row of digits.

Confirming that there is indeed a bug that causes these spells to calculate stats incorrectly when used multiple times in a row. Thanks for the report!