Error loading Could Save

Hello all. I’ve got a problem.
I just re-download the steam version but when I try to download the cloud save, it doesn’t save anything.

Before cloud save

My cloud save

After cloud save import

(Trying to load game file from Android to Steam if that matters)

What can I do?

After you import the file, can you try restarting the game and see if that helps? If not, it might be a permissions issue that is blocking the game from successfully downloading and moving the file.

Already tried, it doesn’t help. Even tryied to upload again from Mobile and then download again on steam. Nothing changed.

How can I solve permissions issue? Even tryied to run the game as administrator. Nothing changed.

Oh, so you’re trying to export on Android and import on Steam. So, that probably means it’s exporting on Android incorrectly. That can come from a pretty wide range of issues, unfortunately. Make sure you have a very stable internet connection and try restarting your phone/tablet if you haven’t already.

Tried to export again and again and again. And internect connection is totally stable.

Are you sure you set the correct cloud ID? Make sure the same ID is being used on both Android and Steam.

Yep, it’s the same. As you can see from the screen, it displays my cloud save but can’t load it.

What is your cloud ID? You can PM it to me if you prefer.