Essence, Demon Runes, and Demon Gates, Oh My!

This post began as a response to QNE's demon dust poll, but it took on a life of its own, so I decided to make my own thread.

Topic one, Demon Dust:

Change demon dust to produce a Demon every time it’s used, but reduce the drop rate so that it’s proportional to the current probability of creating a Demon. Thus, if the current probability is .2, reduce the drop rate to 1/5th the current value. Then reduce the chance of creating a Demon without dust to zero. Now the Nether Creator can be moved to the hatchery, because save scumming has become pointless. This would resolve the immersion breaking caused by save scumming to protect rare imbued orbs.

Topic two, Essence:

Give the Nether Creator a new resource called essence that is purchased with nether orbs. Lesser orbs would provide 1 charge, normal orbs 2 charges, and imbued orbs 5 charges. Essence would have various uses depending upon the number of charges expended. The number of charges listed are just examples and may need to be adjusted to preserve balance.

5 Charges: Change your Demon’s power to a specific power previously acquired with a demon tome, but later changed. Viewing previously unlocked powers would be a free service provided by the Nether Creator.

25 Charges + core: Transform your Demon into the creature corresponding to the core used.

50 Charges + 1 demon dust: Transform your Demon into a Demon Lord. Demon Lords gain an additional random power (that can also be changed with a demon tome), immunity to 1 random debuff, a 25% base attribute increase, and Second Sight which allows them to discern the powers of Demons and Demon Lords.

100 Charges + 2 demon dusts: Transform your Demon Lord into a Demon God. Demon Gods gain an additional random power (that can also be changed with a demon tome), immunity to 2 additional random debuffs, an additional 25% base attribute increase, and an improved Second Sight which allows them to discern the powers of Demon Gods as well.

10 Charges + Demon Rune: Change 1 of your Demon Lord’s or Demon God’s debuff immunities into that of the corresponding demon rune. Demon runes are rare items found only in Demon Lord or Demon God realms (explained below). Each Demon Rune found is etched with a specific immunity.

Topic three, Demon Gates:

Demon Gates are rare encounters in the realms that allow access to demon realms. Demon Gates come in 3 flavors: Demon, Demon Lord, and Demon God. Only creatures of the corresponding type or stronger may pass through these gates. Thus a Demon God may pass through any Demon Gate, but only Demon Gods may pass through Demon God gates. Demon realms are populated with normal Demons, Demon Lord realms are populated with Demon Lords, and Demon God realms are populated with Demon Gods.

Topic four, Demon Tomes:

Demon tomes shouldn’t be purchasable, but instead should be found in demon realms (or regular realms if the demon realm idea is rejected) inscribed with specific powers. They would otherwise be used in the normal manner. This would eliminate the only other reason to save scum as far as I can discern.

Anyway, I hope these ideas spark some discussion.

Thanks for reading!