Everything Gone

Well I had to restore my PC from scratch due to an unfortunate event, losing my saves in Siralim Ultimate. I thought I had written down my cloud save code but I had not. I had around level 25-35 favour for each God, a large collection of resources, skins, furniture including my own backer item I managed to find. I had also beaten the story mode and most of the Nether Bosses. Siralim Ultimate is pretty much my favourite game that I have spent the most time on. But now I have lost motivation and really don’t want to start from scratch. Would anyone be kind enough, who is at a similar stage in the game give me their cloud save ID so I can save it to my PC? Obviously I would create my own siralim Cloud ID to save the copy to. It would really help me to continue playing this great game.

I’ve actually been thinking of doing the opposite myself. I like the idea of starting from scratch again now that so much content and re-balancing has been done since I first booted up the game so long ago. I’m nowhere near as far as you (only like level 15 for each god on average) but I’d be willing to give you my cloud save ID but first I just want to confirm that such an action is acceptable and not violating some form of no-cheating agreement I didn’t even know I agreed to or whatever. I’ll reply with it here tomorrow if no one tells me not to.

Yeah that would be great thanks! I’m hoping helping out someone who lost their save files isn’t cheating… I did a ton of grinding. I’m a busy man working full time and the thought of spending several hundred hours to catch up to where I was previously is pretty daunting.

Well no one has told me not to, so here ya go. Like I said it’s not going to be as far as you were, but it’s a starting point that’s not the starting point.


Thank you so much! Much Appreciated!