Exchange Spells in Sirilim-Can't find spell seals again Please help

I have come across a few of these spell seals that allow you to remove all your spells from your spellbook, but I don’t remember which realm they were in and I’m having a great deal of trouble finding them.
I’m currently beefing up my creatures and redoing everything for the much stronger battles I’m facing, and I need to stronger spells in those slots.

Please help if you know what realm they are in and/or what level…
My account on this site is set to allow you to email me, please take a moment i’m going crazy… thanks to anyone that can help

All this time and no one answered LOL anyways the star symbol in the chaos Realm seems to appear even on level 1 2 3 occasionally. You just have to keep completing levels and I am sure it’s depends on your level assumably how often it appears.

LOL replying to myself, oh I kill me…duh oh. Mmmmmm. Donuts. :stuck_out_tongue: