EXP cap at 2.14B

I used an edited test save to hatch two additional dumplings in my party bringing it to 3 total.

I went to a mirrorball to fight three dumplings.

1 dumpling = 5x exp
2 dumpling = 10x exp
3 dumpling = 100x exp?
EXP is normally ~10M per fight
With three dumplings the exp jumped to 1.18B
The catch up EXP jumped to “-2.14B”?
The good thing is that all the creatures gained levels.

Is the maximum exp that can be gained 2.14B?

I probably missed something small here - this should work without a problem. I’ll take a look and report back. Thanks for the screenshot!

So as of 2.1.2
With three dumplings in my party (1000+ eggs discarded)
The exp value at or above 2.14B reads still as “-2.14B”. When it is applied to the creatures the negative exp text is replaced with counting down exp values ex. “1.51B”

The thing I haven’t figured out is if more than 2.14B exp is being awarded or if it is only awarding 2.14B exp.

A fourth dumpling may answer that question.

Turns out that “-2.14B” is only graphical.

With 4 dumplings my creatures gained 5k+ levels from mirrorballs.

Exp above 2.14B is still being displayed as “-2.14B” exp gained. I’m reaching this point with lv10 primal sigils now at about a ~310% reward multiplier. Although dumplings are being heavily abused to get there.


dumplings give +50% to food buffs right? Am I missing something as to why you would use them?

I have a team of 6 dumplings to force spawn them as enemies when looking at mirrorballs. One benefit to killing multiple dumplings is that the exp gain seems to multiply, somewhere between 200-1000x normal exp.

So I was able to increase my creature level into the millions and the level 10 sigils multiply by 15x my level. Combined with the percentage award from sigils.

The amount of exp gained in a battle seems to be related to how close your creatures are to the enemy level, but will decrease when above the enemy level. As evidenced by the fact that I gain more exp in the same realm after defeating a mirrorball.

Thanks for taking the time for to explain even though clearly I’d have figured it out if I read the first post a bit more carefully… I blame the phone!

Found at least one bug related to this post - this should just be a display bug and your creatures should actually be gaining the correct amount of experience points.

It’s fixed, now showing exp into the trillions.