Exp for new sigil system

imo sigils reward way too much exp now. at lvl 183 i got 7 lvls from primal 4. 7 levels…

ALl the sigils are way too easy and basically unlocked the entire trait compendium for me instantly. This needs major tweaking

I get 20+ levels with level 10 sigils that I can easily oneshot.

Is the experience gain also determined by gene strength? I am not getting that much experience and on the contrary the sigil was harder than it was. I can do level 200 sigil previously which was 3x my level, now when I start doing level 5 primal I keep losing.

High level primal sigils are supposed to give a lot of experience. Gaining multiple levels at once may seem excessive at first, but it won’t feel as much when you need it to catch your creatures up after breeding, or level up to get to higher realm levels. I’m strongly against them being nerfed, except maybe the 1 or 2 property sigils that don’t always have relevant effects but give a lot of experience.

Not every player can do the level 10 sigils, so don’t assume they’re too easy just because you can beat them. I’m only able to complete level 4 or 5 ones at best - even with basically no properties, level 10 sigil enemies immediately do ten times or more my maximum health in critical hits.

I think I know why I ran into the problem. My playstyle since the very beginning is keeping mage level and gene strength equal on all creatures, artefact fully optimised per 10 level gains of mage.
Level 3 sigils gave me 3 level ups. For a save file that had alot sigil, it was doing loads of level up consecutively 100-250 in 2hours. However due to the amount of level ups, my artefact wasn’t re-rolled within that 2hours to cater for this massive level gain. This causes me to miss a lot of attacks which in turn keep failing at level 5 primal.
Which means I need to farm resources to continue levelling by sigil. This creates a scenario whereby resources gain don’t keep up with the need for making artefact stronger if I continuously do more low level sigil.
Probably the experience gain should be halved. But I am in no position to debate if level 10 is difficult as I have not tried farming sigil drop rate from realms yet. There maybe a slight possibility after we used up all our sigil, these level gains won’t be as fast as we have to get them by doing realms. I am on average exploring 3 levels of realm and getting 1 sigil on normal occasions.
I don’t think I need to spend anymore time on gene strength, since the direction is to have lower emphasis and focus on artefact realm and it’s building. I would wish the arcanists used brimstone instead of granite, I always had so much brimstone and so little crystals that it was difficult to summon new creatures. The granite usage is quite high for me, I have 12 creatures which I tend to use between battles, making it impossible to re-roll their artefact to keep up with level gains.

Well, if you need resources to keep up with sigils, then that’s an offset and cost to doing lots of sigils. All lowering the experience gain does is making it equivalent to doing less sigils.
I feel like part of the reason they feel overpowered is that experience formulas were changed and leveling up in general is a lot faster now, but with gene strength being weaker as an offset - you need those levels, but they shouldn’t be a chore to get. Clearing sigils is fun and rewarding now, and I don’t want them to become barely better than just fighting a random encounter (and I even asked for sigil experience to be nerfed before the full patch 0.7.6 came out, because they were -too- far ahead of random encounters.

Doing sigil was more for legendary material, I know of people quitting the game until they can buy them but this isn’t something I would do. Every 30sec in my friend’s list ‘XX is playing Siralim 2’