Experience overflow

I encountered this after killing some nemesis packs (could be related to one of those bugs).

The experience was so high that it overflowed:

I think this is a bug with the way Dumpling experience points are handled (Dumplings give bonus experience and I think I forgot to add the “big number” support for them). Sorry for the loss of levels :frowning: Pretty sure this will be an easy fix though.

It’s still strange that I encountered a Dumpling pack.

Confirming that this was definitely the problem and will be fixed in the next patch - in fact, all bonus exp has this problem in the current version.

A dumpling pack can spawn because the game saw that one dumpling spawned, then tried to produce a “tribal pack” (kind of like how you can sometimes find a pack of all Waspids). Since the dumpling is the only creature that belongs to its race, it created 6 of the same exact type of creature.