Exponential buffs

I’m not against this, currently, but I am waning to confirm if it’s intentional; are buffs meant to be infinitely stackable, and ontop of that, exponentially so? So +20% then +20% will have 144% total, not 140%, etc. I haven’t run into massive balance issues with it, but it seems possible (autumn aspects getting lucky and getting too much defense to damage, pit worms (the +10% HP on damage taken ones) gaining more HP than they take, etc.) Battles don’t last too long for this to show up yet, and the planned exhaustion debuff would make things more likely not to do this. I wouldn’t currently suggest a limit or t make it stack additively, but I may find an abuse case in the future.

An extra suggestion: To make differences between monsters clearer, possibly an option to display stat gains upon level up?

It’s actually intentional for things to spiral out of control if the opportunity arises. Spells and other abilities help to counteract even the most ridiculous powerhouses, as you’ll see after you start hatching creatures from eggs or fighting tougher bosses.

I can certainly add the stat gains on level up. I’ll add that to my to-do list.

In the case of autumn aspects you always have spells as a backup and besides that just hit with (only) a heavy hitter if you don’t have anything better to deal with it.

Same for pit worms, don’t spam them with 1 dmg attacks and you will quickly be able to 1 shot them if not just about (plus blight can counter he healing effects from stuff like regen and maybe the HP bonus too.)

This is only an issue in situations neither side can kill each-other. I’ve ran into tons of situations where I’m like wow this ability is OP then i run into something later on that just flips the ability into a suicide spoon. Now when i see something i just ask “ok how is this going to get me killed”.