Exporting on the Nintendo Switch overwrites your file by importing!

I HAVE A BIG ISSUE! I went to export my game from the switch to the cloud. 100% picked export to cloud. It said which file to export to the cloud. I picked it, and overwrite the cloud file. It overwrote my save file on the system anyway! I am absolutely sure I did this correctly.

I even played the file again for 2 minutes, saved, and tried exporting it again. same thing happend.

Edit I tried a test. If I export a save from my phone, and then try to export from the switch over that file, it exported from the switch correctly. I then played another minute, on the switch, tried to export again, and it imported again. This is very strange, but something is definantly broken here.

The file that DID manage to export from the switch was the original save I brought over from my phone, after i got the game on the switch.

I’m guessing this has something to do with saving the game on the switch. But that’s all I’ve got.

Can confirm this happened to me as well, I thought something seemed fishy not leveling up in 3 hours of dungeon grinding.

Just for clarification i was definitely leveling up just fine in game, but my exported file was the same exact level as when i imported

Sorry for the issue guys! I’m going to put full focus on this today and submit a patch for Switch hopefully by tomorrow or Monday. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll have to wait for Nintendo to approve the patch or if I can just release it immediately, so I’ll keep everyone updated on that.

If it’s of any help, exporting a file from the Switch to an empty file simply does not work.

I think I found the issue! Just need to do some heavy testing to make sure I didn’t break it in some other way, and then I’ll get ready to create a patch. I can’t provide any ETA since I don’t know if Nintendo will need to approve the patch first, but I just wanted to let you know that progress is being made!

Woo! I can’t wait.