Extra Content- Heritage Dungeon


Siralim 3 seems to have a ton of awesome ways to spend your time, so maybe adding more is excessive when your 14.99 game has more content then an entire row of my triple AAA game collection, but I bought a limited edition Siralim PS4 copy so spoil me!

Heritage Dungeons-

Each creature you breed can gain access to a heritage dungeon that has at every 5 levels (or 3) a monster in its genealogy, so if you bred monster A and B then at level 5 and 10 you could face A or B (An exact replica of it when bred “including custom name”)

The dungeon would get longer the greater the monsters heritage is, so a monster with 50 ancestors would have a ridiculous dungeon.

Going through the dungeon could grant the newborn increased stats or perhaps an increase card rate drop on those monsters

Other Options:
Require only the newborn can go through the dungeon

Chance that ancestors would drop artifact they used with adjusted stats (based on current progression)

Chance that the Newborn could acquire an additional trait from an ancestor the further in the dungeon it goes

Thanks for reading everyone,
and thanks Thylacine Studios for a great game series