Extra teleporter(s) with resettable Realm Depth

I love that we can unlock all of the specializations on a single save. I know not everyone wants to start back at Realm Depth (RD, from here-on) 1 for each new specialization they switch to. I also know that we can always choose to go back to RD 1 whenever we feel like it. What I am asking for is mostly just for convenience, and that sense of ‘MORE’ to do in the game.

It would be wonderful if we could unlock a new Project that allows us to place a secondary teleporter in our castle. This teleporter would function almost identically to our current teleporter, with a few extra features. The most important would be the ability to reset the max RD back to 1. This is very nice, as we then can always have the feeling of a fresh start with some brand new creatures while keeping all of our unlocks, access to the new creatures we want to try, spell gems, artifacts and trait slot items, and progress. Whether or not everyone agrees, it is not convenient to switch (and remember where you left off when coming back to your save after work) back to the next low RD you progress to every time you enter a new realm.

It would be extra, extra nice if we could unlock more than one. I would love to have one for each class, or even one for each party I create.

Another reason this would be a nice feature is it would allow us to slowly go through the increasing difficulty without having every 3 floors be a single realm, only having access to 1 new realm every three floors, and not having to deal with a boss fight every third floor. It would also be a fresh start for the realmshaping bonuses, or could even ignore them altogether. One potential issue is easily replaying low-level Netherbosses, but those could just be excluded from the extra teleporter(s).

I have a feeling this suggestion is going to be rather disliked by a lot of people, but I stand by my main 2 points:

  1. It is inconvenient to switch RD every floor, and if you forget and get zapped to a high-level one (it happens to all of us), then you are losing your Fortune bonus, wasting time, etc.
  2. We have the ability to unlock every class in a single save file, so we should have a convenient way of playing new parties for each new class from level 1.

A big part of this game (if not the main focus) is trying out new builds, and this would give us a much more convenient and fun way of enjoying those new builds.

Thank you for reading.

I have really wanted them to make it so it wouldn’t automatically jump to the highest depth every time you use the shrine, and in past games, that was how it worked.
I still don’t fully understand why it always tries to make you do the highest depth available, instead of the old “one higher than the previous” which I know several people still want.

I wouldn’t so much like another teleportation shrine with a reset depth, just the ability to select one depth and continue from there instead of having to choose a lower depth after every realm I complete until I’m ready to do my highest again. (Which would solve the two main points, just selecting depth 1, after clearing that you could go straight to 2, etc.)


That would definitely be a simpler solution, and would be satisfactory enough, but I still would love to be able to have a separate portal for each specialization.

I would like this also. Also the selection to repeat a floor would be nice.