Extra tooltips

Heya, I’m new to the game and really enjoying it so far.
Since I’m rather new, I don’t know the many effects by heart, let alone all of the spells.

There’s a few things I have bumped into that leave me bamboozled, however.
This mainly pertains to information about stat/spell effects in the loot & battle windows.

When finding loot, if an item grants the possibility of giving a (de)buff, it isn’t stated what said debuff does.

More importantly, when in battle, if I inspect the enemy to see what spells they have, I can see the spells but can’t see what effects those spells have when cast. This is a rather big thing imo since we as players need to know what opponent with what nasty spells to focus down first.

Would it be possible to create some sort of tooltip for this, like when you hold ‘F’, you get to see what the spell does?

Hope it gets taken into consideration.

All the best.

I also don’t like that you can’t read what enemy spells do. I also dont like that you cant see how many charges they left.

For buffs and debuffs though you can check your codex. There is a wealth of info there including what ‘small, moderate, large and massive’ actually mean for spells, which is something I wondered for a long time.