Extract Tied to Knowledge?

I’ve not played for about a month or so, so I’m not sure if this was included in a recent patch, if I’m forgetting something simple, or if it’s a bug.

I can no longer extract from any enemy (even on mages I made sitting immediately after the tutorial which says “at this level you should be able to extract any enemy.”) because I “do not have enough knowledge about it yet.” This causes me to get stuck on realm 1 because the quest is to extract.

How can new players build their army? Is there something simple I forgot to do, or should I post this as a bug?

Edit: I’m on Android 1.2.8
Annnd realized I didn’t put this in Siralim 3 board.

Are you sure you’re up-to-date? Try going to the Google Play store and see if you can update the game manually.

Yeah, update fixed it. I thought I was up to date but opened the game before the install was complete.