Fallen Carnage ability bugs

  1. Bug

  2. I’ve noticed two bugs with the “take an additional turn” part of Fallen Carnage’s ability.

First, if a Fallen Carnage kills a creature that has “Rebirth”, the creature dies and revives but the Fallen Carnage doesn’t get an extra turn afterward.

Second, if the Fallen Carnage has Blight when it kills something, then its ability makes it take damage instead of healing itself. I’m not sure if that part is intended, but it seems odd (maybe the Fallen Carnage shouldn’t do the “heal” part of its ability if it has Blight?). The bug comes afterward though. If the Fallen Carnage both kills its target and dies from the Blight damage, the game says that the Fallen Carnage dies, but then the Fallen Carnage gets to take another turn anyway. The dead Fallen Carnage can kill off the whole rest of the enemy team if it’s strong enough to 1-hit kill everything.

  1. iOS

  2. 2.0.7

Rebirth is actually supposed to work that way, but the buff’s description is quite misleading so I will change that.

Fallen Carnages are meant to take damage from this ability since it’s considered to be healed, but of course the bug isn’t supposed to happen :slight_smile: That’s fixed in 2.0.9 which will hopefully be out today or tomorrow for iOS.