Fallen Carnage + Blight Bug

1: Bug

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3: I’m using a party that contains a Raven Acolyte and a Fallen Carnage. When the Carnage kills an enemy while Blighted (Swampdwellers!), it gains its standard extra turn and the 50% health - when I confirm that message and begin its next turn, its HP depletes entirely as the Blight takes away the healing and reverses it. This leaves the Carnage at 0% health, but I can still play out its turn, and as many turns as I get after that if I can still kill an enemy each time. Ending the turn without a kill causes the Carnage to perish.

4: Windows 7.

5: Siralim 2.0.7.

6: I can’t decide if this is a bug or an intentional compromise to prevent the Carnage from being totally wrecked by Swampdwellers (because otherwise they totally would), but it looked iffy enough to report.

EDIT: Just noticed that it’s possible to get enough turns in a row with zero health that Blight will wear off, allowing the next kill to bring you back up to half and just go on about your business. Zombie Carnage ftw?

This is fixed in 2.0.9, but we are waiting for Humble Bundle to upload it now. In that update, Blight can no longer kill a creature which prevents a ton of crashes.