Fallen Carnage is super boring

Would it maybe make more sense to not let Fallen Carnages take more than one extra turn in a row? They’d still be really good, but they wouldn’t be the only people who get a turn in combat any more. The game has become this blur of watching my fallen carnage eat everyone over and over to infinity.

Couldn’t you argue that for every ability that kills enemies? If you’re killing everything in one hit, you should go to a higher realm level.

yeah sounds like your playing on way to easy mode. Gotta up your game lol
also doesn’t that make the fallen carnage super awesome instead? That he can Eat everyone in 1 ROUND! I want his ability material so I can put it on a creature I like visually.

You could argue it for every ability that kills all of the enemies. I’ve had plenty of other creatures that could kill almost any one creature in one hit (brim smith), but I’d have several support people too, and the enemies at least got turns.

I guess part of my game design philosophy is “if I think of a way that you could make the ability noticeably weaker, and I would still be very strongly considering the creature for my active party, it’s probably overpowered.”

Part of my problem is that I hadn’t ever tried Fallen Carnages before, and I made my first serious Nether a Fallen Carnage, so now it’s really OP and really boring, but I’ve sunk a lot of resources into it, and the rest of my party has trouble surviving anywhere that it can’t one-hit kill the entire enemy party.

And yeah, I know that I’m “choosing” a boring strategy, but if your game incentivizes players to play it in a boring way, that’s a problem.

Another part of the problem is presumably that I’m stuck on the old loot distribution system (since the ios store only has 2.0.9, and the humble store only has 2.0.12 which still doesn’t run on mac). So I admit that later there should be more incentives to delve deeper.

I’ll try some deeper dungeon levels now and see how it goes.

Speaking as somebody that mains a FC party, you do ridiculously well for the first 20-30 realms, and after that you stall out pretty fast. That or you run into an Arcanomancer and suddenly your entire offensive strategy craps out from underneath you.

Yeah, nethers in general ate suppressed to be crazy strong in comparison to your other creatures, so sure he’ll seem op; that’s how I felt about my nether spider Occultist because she could one shot literally anything all the time. Then I got to realm 45ish and I found myself stabling her for better team synergies.