Faster Animations/quick battles


Started playing the game a couple of days ago, really liking it so far.

However it feels like some of the more grindy elements could be made less painful. For instance, an option to turn off animations in battle ( including delay between text and death animations ).

Or if we don’t want faster battles, then maybe make holding down A in battle work like holding down B, auto progressing through text, except that it also accepts actions ? ie make A rapid-fire, like I’ve been manually doing to the detriment of my thumb. Actually personally I’d like that more than turning off animations :slight_smile:

Holding down “a” does, in fact, speed through the text. Set your text speed to instant in the settings as well. Then all you need to do is select your own actions. However, holding it down where it would also auto select actions would be pretty frustrating if you needed to do something and it just auto skipped through.

Make sure to turn off the sound in the game options, since the game will pause in battle to play the sound. When it is disabled, holding down A will scroll through battle messages more quickly.

Oh wow, thanks for the tip about sound. I had my text set to instant, but I also play muted, so I didn’t realise SFX was causing a delay.

I think letting A autoselect can still be usable, put in a delay for the first autoselect, and do instant auto selects after that. You still have B if you just want to progress text without selecting anything. I don’t see it as being much different than what I do now, continously pressing A to select action, select target, and not continuously pressing if I need to select something other than default stategy. If its still frustrating for some, maybe it can be a setting ?