Faster buff times

Currently I run a setup with a Forest Priest and I have the Abomination and Beast Within. This means my opening turn each fight is just over 20 seconds (I timed it). This also means even though I really like my team and setup, I will no longer continue to play with them. It would be convenient if either you could skip events significantly faster, or if you were able to go as far as completely skip maybe Priest turns since or something similar.

Thanks for all the hard work that has been put in the game. 100+ hours in now and it’s still fantastic <3.

You can disable popup text for these already. Check out the gameplay options.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of these options, but it still seems I’m forced to wait for the combat steps to take place. This option was able to cut this interaction down to 16 seconds, from 20, which is meaningful, but it still takes a significant amount of time to have to wait until I’m actually able to start a fight.