Faster Combat - fewer text updates

Can we get an option to just get a summary of combat results instead of having the same basic information repeated over and over? On my current set up, one attack action triggers 156(!) individual updates, not including any additional spells/buffs that may also trigger. Of those, 4 are attacks (from artifact bonus) and 152 are duplicate messages of 16 unique update messages (healing, stat boosts, etc.)

Since only 20 of those are actually unique, it would be great if they could get summarized all at once or shown in a much more optimal fashion. For example attack animations, then triggered spell animations, then show 1 summarized message for each unique per character letting the player know what the total change is. This alone would speed up my battles by almost 8x (more if the summary showed on all creatures getting the same boosts).

This would be huge - a single turn takes forever, even on super turbo. Love the game, but this is driving me insane!

I’m no developer, but I’m kind of mixed here.

While grinding can get tedious, if it’s taking 156 moves or more to kill your opponents, you’re probably too low for the levels you are attempting. At that point, a change in strategy/tactics might be in order or some grinding to gain levels/stats/gene strength.

To clarify, that is ONE action by ONE creature, which triggers 156 animations/text updates.