Fatal Bug in Battles


Love this game and been lurking in these forums for a long time now.

Just something I came across recently that makes a certain part of this game difficult; and I anticipate far more serious issues as I progress.

Effective Nether battle 210 (with hypersensitive turned on), the game crashes for me. I get an error code saying something about enemies.health (or enemies.hp) >2 (something) with a huge ugly error box. I’m not a programmer so I can’t read it all that well sorry. I noticed this happens only when I have anomaly on, so basically I feel if the enemies HP exceeds a certain threshold the game crashes.

I noticed the same thing happens with random Diabloic Horde examples, possibly because they have HP stat steroids as well.

Every time I reach a Nether boss battle I have to turn off Hypersensitivity because otherwise my game crashes. As regular mobs gain more HP, I assume I will have to keep this setting disabled altogether. Much later, I am assuming even without hypersensitivity my game will crash. Yes an easy fix would be just to get rid of anomaly, but I have to rebuild my whole team given that scenario which I don’t want to recreate my party since I already invested heavily in breeding.

Edit: Sorry just noticed there was a bugs section, but honestly I’m not even sure how to copy and paste the error message since I’m playing this on my phone.

Any guidance?


That’s a known crash and it will be addressed in the next patch.

Thank you so much!