Fatal Error in action number 1 (2 seperate crashes w/ screencaps)

This is quite frustrating. Made the mistake of starting my hardcore game with random creature mode which has to be part of the reason I experience so many crashes. I can crash the game just by going into battle in a new realm. But I’m level 80 now so I’ll just have to deal I guess…

Sorry for the frustration. The first crash is fixed in 2.0.9 which should be out any time now - possibly even today. The other crash is a strange one that I haven’t seen before. Does it crash often at the loading screen?

Sorry no that second screencap occured during the transition from one realm to the next. I’m not sure how the home screen showed up but i might have hit the home button immediately after in a naive attempt to undo reality :slight_smile: Maybe the homescreen showed up when i reopened Siralim