Fatal error in action number 1

Hi I’m playing on iPhone 4 and had always experience on fatal error on battle which is
fatal error in action number 1 of step event0 for object obj_battlecontroller:

Push :: execution error - variable
Get 0. Nickname(100003, -2147483648) at gml_script_bc_handledeadcreatures

Stack frame is gml_script_bc_handledeadcreatures (line 0)

Izzit a bug? I wan to purchase the game but this bug I had experience several times which make me think should I get the game or not? Pls reply asap thanks

Hi, this is a known crash and will be fixed either in the upcoming patch or the one after it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hmm, so when will the patch out? I can’t wait it anymore and before the bug fix I don’t think I’m buying this game

It should be out on Monday or Tuesday, but that’s only an estimate since it’s ultimately up to Apple since they have to approve the update.

Kk then I’ll wait for it, thanks for the reply ^^

Doom owl ur missing out big time if u don’t buy. This is a gem of a game. Plus Zack is very quick at fixing stuff. Any crashes are fixed and pushed out so don’t worry if u find a crash it’s not like it will be there forever lol. Just save your game frequently. Version 2.0.9 has many fixed. 2.0.7 just avoid time warp and avoid luck reducing are the big ones.

Seriously I like the game too, but coz my iPhone is laggy for some game and I would like to get it if it running well on my phone and without bug ^^

By the way I would like to know is there any way to sync the save file between my iPhone to my iPad? Like server or iCloud function?

Not yet, but that is on the to-do list as well :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a good idea and try to make it as early too ^^ coz that mean I can switch between my iPhone ans iPad device, coz my iPhone 4 is a bit lag when playing it , so at night time I can use my iPad play it

One more question zack, Izzit possible to lower the graphic and speed up the game? Coz I’m playing on iPhone 4 and its a bit laggy when play on dungeon, my siralim is newest version

And my ios is 7 which cause my phone lag

Sorry, there are no options to lower the graphics. The issue is a lack of RAM - iPhone 4 has only 512MB RAM which is pretty much too low to effectively run a lot of games now. If you consider that the operating system itself is consuming some of that memory, along with any apps running in the background, there isn’t much leftover for Siralim to run at full speed. If you’re running any other apps in the background, trying closing them and see if that helps a little.

_< ya I’m closing all app, but still the same, nvm if the bug is fixed then I will get the game, now is Monday but malaysia App Store still no newest update? I think New Zealand App Store already can right ?

Well, still no updated patch at all ><

It’s a problem on apple’s side. Also, you need a better phone. 7 simply isn’t able to handle most current games.

< well, if I got penny in my pocket, I would like to get a new iPhone ^^ but sadly ><

The problem still the same after the newest update today, any idea to fixed?

Unfortunately, this fix did not make it into 2.0.9. It will be in the update after that.

Hmm, :-\ guess I had to wait again

So the apple newest version 2.1.12 already fix this problem?