Favor gain text box appeared overtop part of spell gem selection screen

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    I examined a yellow treasure-like object in Yseros’s realm. A spell gem was won in the loot screen so I examined it quickly. Due to the massive amount of spell gems I have it took about three seconds for the screen to open. Shortly after the god favor text box appeared overtop it. Closing the text box allowed spell gem selections to be made.

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The textbox should probably appear after the loot screen has closed. It is again probably due to opening the spell gem selection screen a couple frames after the loot screen first appeared.

Slightly related question
Why is there a delay with so many spell gems?

The three second or so delay is present whenever a loot screen with a spell gem is shown. The spell gem does not even have to be on the first page.
Does the game save when closing a loot screen?
This could explain why, since my save file is 2 megabytes in size.

If there’s a delay, it’s because you have too many spell gems. If you mass transmute them a couple times the lag will go away. That’s the tradeoff between allowing players to have infinite inventory space versus limiting it, unfortunately.

Is the textbox for favor supposed to show above the spell selection screen?

I figured I would have to transmute eventually.

Thanks for responding.

Yes, that’s intentional. Message boxes can appear in the inventory from time to time for other reasons anyway, such as when you use a Pandemonium Token.

Glad to know it is intended.