Favor not carrying over when you gain a 'rank' with a god?

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    Bug, I guess… or is it a feature? :slight_smile:

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    Seems like every time a god tells me to visit him at the altar, any favor I gain with that god until I get to the altar is lost.

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You go ‘back’ to 0, but at a new Rank (which needs more Favour to get to the next Rank)

No, what I mean is:

Let’s say I reach the 500 points for the first tier. The god tells me to come see him at the altar. I go there but on the way, I pick up 200 more favor. Now when I get to the altar, I’ll be at 1 point for the second tier, the 200 I gained in the meantime just get lost. Is it supposed to happen like this?

Side question: why start the new favor tier at 1 instead of 0? :slight_smile:

Oh my apologies, I read it incorrectly.
I’m not sure if it’s a ‘feature or bug’ either to be honest. It’s quite annoying though!

I know from a coding point of view it’s a lot easier to have it as it currently is.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I hope this gets fixed. It could be a conscious design choice but even then, all it does is make you feel frustrated once you realize you wasted favor and then it makes you run around more to get to the altar and only then get back to picking up all the favor lying around.
I realize it’s a little tougher to code, particularly since then you need to handle situations where people gain multiple ranks at once. But just make it that the god counts the total favor you earned with him and then adjust the thresholds accordingly, so instead of needing 500 and then 1500, you will gain the first rank at 500 and the next one at 2000. Then, whenever you visit a god, you could trigger the event that shows all the “gain rank”-dialoges successively, until the rank matches the favor earned.