Feathery wyverns on fire - some quick suggestions.

Here’s an interesting query for the lot of you, a query that I already know the answer for:

Have you EVER used a Harpy or a Wyvern in your team, ever?


Thought so.

Do you like encountering them?


Thought so - again.

Both Harpies and Wyverns appear in this rather curious spot where they are, at once, non-creatures that provide absolutely no utility or interesting effects for the player, while also being insanely frustrating to face off against in the realms - especially if you play a Wizard and still have your initial two creatures with you. Sonicscreechers are the absolute bane of auto-casted spells.

Now of course there is a place for individual creatures that can hard-counter or severly hamper the player and it is a good thing that such creatures exist. But when not just one - but two - entire tribes are nothing but ‘enemy’ creatures, then Chumsie becomes a sad boy who wants to make a suggestion as to how they can become far more interesting and maybe even see some play once in a blue moon:


Make Harpies the ‘Blind’-matters tribe and Wyverns the ‘Confused’-matters tribe.

Both are interesting conditions that currently aren’t really being actively used by any creature tribe and changing Harpies and Wyverns would help not only create some interesting build-opputunities for Harpy/Wyvern focused builds; but it could also allow for synergy between the two tribes AND possibly even the grossly overlooked Mummy tribe - which is a bit of a problem area in of itself, what with half of them doing nothing but applying Curse.

Imagine a world where, say, Sonicscreechers applied Confusion to Blind enemies, Airslayers extended Confusion to spellcasting, Skystalkers provided team benefits for each Confused enemy, etc.

Imagine a world where Harpies actually could make use of their Eyegougers and Marauders and do cool stuff like, say, deal bonus damage to Blinded enemies or increase the potency of Blind.

Imagine a world where Scourge Mummy and Swarm Mummy could… do stuff. Like, say, inflict burn on enemies who get Cursed and applying Poison to cursed enemies respectively.

I like that world and I want to live there. Because I, for once, don’t fancy Harpies and Wyverns being useless and half of my second-most favourite tribe (Mummies <3) being outdone by several Death spells.

PS: If there are any typing mistakes then I blame the box-thing you use to type things with. I honestly can’t read it. :stuck_out_tongue: