Feature Request-Prestige

Once we max our specializations character development hits a pretty big snag, though Relics in a way open that up (ignoring the limitations on dwarf drops/TreasureGolem&Dumpling Spawning/

Would you please add:

Once you max out a specialization, you can prestige, get to keep 1 perk permanently (max rank) and can then choose any other specialization (or the same one) would that open up the game to unbelievably broken builds? yes, but that kind of freedom is only possible in single player games… think of the joy of maxing out all classes (X.

Bonus: When you prestige you get a prestige point, this can be used to purchase permanent buffs, to things that people that play these games care about… perhaps experience rate, or drops, or … even exclude certain realm properties.


For what ever bonuses we get and equal wall will need to be added to counter that bonus to keep the game interesting. We get to pick our artifacts, spell gems, the bonuses on those, monsters and fusions. Not to mention the Perks from our Specialization, Relics and the monsters to kill first. To counter our choices and brains the monsters get the realm buffs and some bonus stats.
Currently I can walk through realms without a worry with only one Specialization. That being said I am all for being allowed to multi Spec. Just thinking of some of the stupidly sick builds makes me laugh maniacally but I am not so sure I would be willing to pay the price.
Currently the Relics fill the slot of buffing our monsters into the beyond and I have only scratched the surface with those. The evil laughter may still be possible it just may take a bit more time. I believe you will need to come up with some counters to your Multi Spec idea if you want it to be considered.

I think counter is a bad way to phrase it, noone likes Bethesda Oblivion match level system, where each time you level, everything else does at well. But I can agree with you that something that warrants that level of over the top shenanigans might be called for. I would suggest as supplements to warrant that level of power:

Map Drops that lead to “realms” ruled by “kings(or Queens)” with a certain number of floors, and every monster in the realm has the effects of the Kings class. So you could find a map of Reaving, where the King is a 70 perk point Reaver, with 12 floors.

I’m all for customizability, since its the main reason I play this game but the game is lacking in challenge enough as it is right now. I wouldn’t mind something like you suggested being implemented eventually but right now, the game feels way too easy and I’d like to see some content that is particularly tough before we give ourselves more stuff.